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Order of Magnitude Prototype game from Introversion Software

Important note - Order of Magnitude is a Prototype game, released by Introversion Software to raise funds for the charity Warchild and give players an insight into the game making process. It is not supposed to be a 'finished' product and contains rough edges and bugs.

Introversion's website for Prototype Games if you'd like to see the official page - https://www.introversion.co.uk/prototypes/

The "FAIL Masterclass" Episode 1 on youtube explains a bit of the backstory to the Prototype development process - https://youtu.be/rzL1Mh6s2W4

The purpose of this Wiki is to gather player input to help guide people to getting full enjoyment out of the game. Please feel free to add any useful content.

What's this game about?[edit | edit source]

Order of Magnitude is an attempt to survive after Earth has suffered a cataclysmic event. The aim of the game is to start by colonising the Moon, and to expand the colonisation outward from that point - but we'll see how far the team got once we've played through a few times.

You start on the Lunar South Pole, assembling Lunar One Base. A ship of supplies and three colony ships will start you off.

Robotic Drones actually 'do' all of the work assembling buildings, while your colonists are restricted to staying inside, although they do get into the Hydroponic farms.

Your main task is to balance the supply and demand of essential resources : Air, Water, Food, Power and Drones.

Any failure to control these will result in your colonists running short, and (apparently quite quickly and without warning) dying!

Your secondary task is to develop the Lunar One Base into a hub that can support a growing colony, research science, and build advanced equipment. The speed of this development will affect the supply of any or all of the essential resources as your Drones are diverted to building a walkway, or Water is being split into Hydrogen and Oxygen; so care must be taken to ensure your development path is implemented with care and attention.

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